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Sanitary Ware Knowledge: teach you how to choose a Chinese ceramic sanitary ware

1. Colors and grades to be consistent.

The face wash sanitary ware, and Toilet, wash tub or increasing the women's four major pieces of the color of browser must be consistent with their level of bathroom floor tiles and wall color to coordinate with. General sanitary bathroom tile color and color is similar to or slightly shallow basin faucets and bath faucets triple should choose the same brand, same style is more coordination before. Tap the best choice of single-handle ceramic core, because of the Tapdurable than the rubber core, and watertight.

2. To be consistent outlet.

Toilet in the choice must make it clear to the bathroom before the reserve is under the drainage outlet or horizontal drainage. If it is under water, to the volume of a good outlet center to wall distance, and then select the same distance Toilet, otherwise can not be installed; if the cross-drainage, it is necessary to ascertain the height of outlet to the ground, Toilet drainage outlet and set aside height to the same or slightly higher in order to guarantee smooth drainage.

3. The examination of water-saving features.

In how to choose a water-saving toilet, they often have a misconception that the smaller the tank the more water, water conservation does not depend on the size of water tanks. In fact, whether Toilet water-saving is not entirely dependent upon the size of water tanks, mainly due to Toilet flushing and drainage systems and water tank accessories design. Toilet water tank and some small, but very poor flush performance, a red is not clean, to use two or three in order to clean red. Toilet water tank is not some small, but very low tank water lines, flush of good, like water-saving. So whether Toilet water, can not just look at the size of water tanks, but also can not just listen to dealer, the dealer should be obtained from the national technical supervisory bodies of the product test report indicating the volume of flushing water, whichever is the Toilet. Our country is now used in the following six liters of flushing water for water-saving Toilet, British pottery production of 4.5 liters of water-saving Toilet for the present the most water-saving type.

4. How to distinguish quality ceramic sanitary ware and the bad.

Generally high-quality glazed ware smooth, no deflated Tong, chromatic aberration, the eye of a needle and the lack of such a phenomenon glaze with rigid ceramic objects percussion sounds crisp. Poor-quality products are generally more glazed eye of a needle spot, bump, crack and the lack of glaze, the appearance of slight deformation (Taiwan basinthe table does not formation, Toilet around on the ground will shake, etc.), trademarks, not fuzzy clear when percussion sounds boring, non-clear sound.

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