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Small knowledge so that more water-saving sanitary ware had to do three things

Mainly concentrated in the domestic water taps, toilet, shower above. With water-saving awareness, as well as the price of water increases, more and more people began to care about whether their water-saving sanitary ware. If your house is now used in water-saving sanitary ware is not enough, then the following modified method can help you achieve the purpose of saving water.
     The use of mesh can reduce the leading nozzle flow water units

     The tap water in the home number of the most frequently used, it does not directly result in saving a lot of waste of water resources.

     At present, there is a market leader on the spray of water-saving, which turned the tap method used to change the direction of the flow, so that spray water up, and there are multi-layer filter to reduce impurities in the water; the surface of the water ring distribution of a number of micro - holes can be emitted upward dispersion of the water pressure to reduce the water flow of the role of the unit.

     If you do not want to spend money to replace one, then do-it-yourself on the tap for a small "transformation" is also possible. Or try to find a mesh of a similar installation to the water nozzle, the nozzle on the water a small water hole will appear to become larger, it can prompt you to control water flow, so as to achieve the purpose of saving water.

     Reduce the amount of water to control the toilet tank water

     At present, Beijing residents are mostly used in the toilet, or 6 liters double file type (3 liters and 6 liters), but sometimes 3,6 or even water, but also still feel that there is waste.

     Fortunately, on the toilet to do "reform" more easily, such as the tank to put a brick or bottle filled with water, these methods can reduce the amount of water tank.

     If the family bought a new house or renovation, it can choose a more water-saving toilets. For example, a pressure water-saving Toilet support, it is said that only 3 liters of water a toilet will be able to clean all the red dirt. Its secret is to use an air pressure to help save water tanks, washing the use of compressed air thrust, 3 liters of water on the dirt can be washed.

     Replacement of water-saving shower shower while improving the enjoyment of

     Nozzle used to bathe the family, if a single function, the proposed regulation may wish to change a size and water flow of the nozzle shape, so that at any time in the bath can control the flow of water to water-saving purposes.

     Alternatively, you can directly change a water-saving shower. Internal sprinkler placed foaming, you can put pressure on the water so that water density, thereby reducing the water employed. If you want a higher point, then the replacement of a mixing of oxygen-increasing air showers. This shower only half the normal water pressure, will be able to produce enough water to bathe with, but also have a massage effect.
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